Specialist Web & Multimedia Animation

I’m Kev, a UK–based highly–skilled freelance animator with 17 years of animation experience. View Portfolio

Experience & Achievements
  • Animations produced for many commercial websites, mobile phone applications and advertising campaigns
  • Provide a service remotely from my studio in North Wales to clients in London, Manchester, Liverpool – and all over the UK and abroad
  • Work produced for some rather hefty sized clients
  • Professionally trained university degree graduate of the famous Liverpool Art School
  • I used to be quite good at ping–pong
What I do do
  • Design and development of appropriate Flash / HTML5 / CSS animations, seamlessly integrated onto web pages and for a variety of online applications
  • Make provisions made for alternative material for users without Flash / JavaScript installed
  • Produce narrative storyboards and time–lines for animation projects
  • Although I don't have a massive amount of experience producing long and complicated narrative animations, I am confident in my ability to take on such projects, should a suitable budget and lead time be available
  • Collaborate with animation agencies and action–script programmers on projects
  • Eat all my vegetables like a good boy
What I don’t do
  • At present, my action–script skills are limited, so I am unable to program flash applications such as games and the like. Although, as mentioned above, I am happy to collaborate with those who have the required programming skills and expertise
  • Work with flash off–the–shelf templates
  • Design and develop “flash only” websites
  • Shave that often

What’s it gonna cost yer?

I charge £40.00 per hour / £320.00 per day. I can no longer take payment in biscuits due to a previously undiscovered wheat allergy.

Interested? Fill in the enquiry form or email:

But before you do, you may wish to read this article from my blog: ‘Getting things moving, so to speak’ – it may help you provide me with the information required to deal with your enquiry effectively.

Me, but elsewhere

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