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26/10/21 ★ SERVICES

2016 was my last blog post. Close to 6 years! It was about how I'd just invoiced my 1,000th professional job. I'm actually close to my 1,400th now. So, yes, I am still going along quite nicely, despit... more


22/03/16 ★ SERVICES

The other day I completed and invoiced my 1000th freelance design job. I’m also in my 14th year as a freelancer web designer, illustrator, graphic designer, animator and such. I got me some staying po... more

The show must go on


This is a bit of a smoke and mirrors way of dealing with FOUC (flash of unstyled content) on your website, while still getting the “Look Mum! I’ve got green on my Google page speed analysis check!” I c... more

Breathe life back into designing

28/04/15 ★ WEB DESIGN, ART

A post about how life drawing might be a helpful activity for the tired designer, and also how the problems of life drawing are similar to the problems faced by designers — web, print or other. Oh and ... more

Flat has some depth

07/04/14 ★ WEB DESIGN

A post in-which I discuss the fact that flat web design is more than a passing trend, and also some reasoning as to why it perhaps isn’t taken as seriously as it should. So we’re well into the new year... more

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