About me

Upon completing my degree in 2002, I worked for 2 years as a full time web designer for a small but ambitious web design and development company, whilst also doing some freelance work on the side.

I went full – on’ freelance early 2005, specialising in web standards based creative web design, graphic design, illustration and animation.

I work with clients across the UK and abroad: including London, Manchester, Liverpool and North Wales, and also in Denmark, Canada, USA, Hong Kong and Brazil. Basically: If you live on Earth, I can provide you with a service :)

My clients include the likes of Sony, Harper Collins, Warner Music, Swisscom, AT&T, Bet Fair, Missoni, Radisson, Hilton, IcelandAir, University of Westminster and Defra. I have also produced work for many respected and leading agencies, groups and collectives, both in the UK and internationally.

For a number of years I also worked very closely alongside the View Creative Agency in a sub-contract capacity fulfilling a senior web design and development role. Clients I have dealt with include the likes of IMG International, TPNW, The Royal Parks Foundation and the Nelsons Group.

I am a proud member of The Guild of Accessible Web Designers – promoting the use and preservation of accessible design standards.

I was also a member of the Lemonade Illustration Agency and have been an author for Bite Size Standards and Everyday Designer.

  • 17 years industry experience
  • BAHons Graphic Arts Degree
  • Art Foundation Diploma
  • 11 GCSEs and 2 A levels (Art and Design)

Having trained to both Diploma and Degree standard in the Graphic Arts, and with over 10 years experience in the industry, I am passionate about what I do.

There are many design outfits out there that operate having had no, or very little, design training at all – and it often shows in the work they produce.

I work tirelessly to ensure all my work is resolved and considered in every way, as I believe in high standards. This way of applying myself not only satisfies my own creative needs but, more importantly ensures that you, the client, receive quality and a service that will aid long term success and prosperity.

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