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It's a'me! Kevio! : Aug 19 2012

Whimsical Twoddle, Graphic Design : Comments


I read on that there Twitter that Opera man Patrick H Lauke has created a Super Mario World Font Set. Being a chap of a certain age that grew up playing said game on my SNES, I want to use this font badly.

So this blog post isn't to put across any thoughts, ideas, news or other. Nope. It's purely just for me to use the font on my site for the sake of it.

And so. Drum-roll ...

How I'm skinning my responsive cat : Mar 07 2012

Web Design : Comments

Shades of grey

More of an essay than an article. Here I discuss the following Responsive Web Design mind-thoughts:

  • You say adaptive, I say responsive. What's the difference?
  • The Photoshop comp is dead? Long live the Photoshop comp? Why I will still use "out of browser" design tools
  • Fixed on liquid-only? I argue the case for using fixed widths
  • I like my phone more than you. Mobile or content first?

Your eyes are like mouths, but with less teeth. Feed on my word-food. Nom ...

Responsive web design from a commercial stand-point : Jan 30 2012

In the Forrst, Web Design : Comments

  • How are people now going about quantifying responsive web design?
  • Do you now provide it as a matter of course?
  • Do you quote for layouts that adapt and work on tablet / mobile devices / difference resolutions etc as extra?
  • Do you create a standard layout, but make it responsive ready for a possible stage 2, perhaps when there is time / budget to consider other devices / resolutions?

Read more over at:

Can I get a RWD? : Jan 11 2012

Web Design : Comments

Bo selecta!

"Responsive Web Design". It's been around as a real thing for a couple of years or so now, and this year it's a hot topic of conversation in the web development community like never before. Everyone is going on about it. Everyone is doing it. It's sexy. If it was sex, it'd be sex in different positions, with the positions dependent on if you're in a stationery cupboard or not. Or something.

It's something I've been using for a while, and I've now gone and RWD'd this very here site.

I shall explain more about it all, and what it is I have done. Read. Your brain is hungry for my words. It told me.



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