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CSS3 & IE workarounds : The Coalition of a Hung Internet : Dec 10 2010

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We are all excited about embracing and using both CSS3 and HTML5 in our day to day practice, but I'm finding that IE workarounds continue to be essential in order to get sign-off on client projects.

It is often the case that without them, sites wouldn't go live, and - therefore - all that CSS3 and HTML5 goodness doesn't get air time either. Bum right?

This is where I believe we are still very much in the midst of a "Hung Internet", and CSS3 and IE workarounds are a coalition. I thought that up all by myself you know.

I can tell your minds are hungry. Let my words nourish you. Actually that sounds a bit weird. Read this article in full. If you want to. Up to you. No pressure.

All Down My Chin : Oct 02 2010

Web Design, Illustration : Comments

Mmm ... 400x300 screen-shots

Dribbble! That's correct. 3 "b"s.

If you're a web based designer, you'll no doubt have heard of Dribbble. And if you are pretty good at what you do, you'll probably have been drafted in and, therefore, have an account.

I'm possibly a little late to the party in terms of blogging about Dribbble, but I was lucky enough to be drafted in pretty early, when the site was a closed garden to invited members only. I've also not blogged about until now because I really wanted to give it some air miles. And I'm also a bit of a lazy blogger :) Anyway, here is my account: Have a look around yo.

In this post I discuss what it's about, what I think of it, my response to its criticsim, and also some possible extras I think that may be useful. Read. Or there'll be no pudding.

IE9 : First impressions and CSS support : Sep 18 2010

Web Design : Comments

Happy days?

If, like me, you've been keeping a keen eye on the IE9 Test Drive over recent months, then the IE9 beta release has been a - dare I say - exciting event. So exciting, in fact, that it caused my other eye to become keen. I now have 2 keen eyes.

This post gives my own first impressions of the browser, and also a quick summary of the new CSS support and such. Read this article. If you don't I'll cry.

140 alternative characters to Lorem Ipsum : Aug 05 2010

Whimsical Twoddle : Comments

Philip the Purple Otter

I recently wrote a post that contained 140 characters of Lorem Ipsum for you to use when adding dummy text for twitter posts on sites and that.

Apparently, proper dummy content shouldn't be Latin because blah blah blah, pedantic pedantic pedantic ...

I don't see the issue. It's all just letters bunched together with spaces and punctuation to form words and sentences.

But anyway. I'm an accommodating kind of chap. So - for the peculiar particular amongst you - I proudly present: Philip the Purple Otter:

Far away, in a forest next to a river beneath the mountains, there lived a small purple otter called Philip. Philip likes sausages. The End.

* Oh yeah, and read this post in full for details on how to play a part in Philip's on-going adventures - and win a prize of reasonably good proportions! ...

An inline-block pagination technique : Apr 30 2010

Web Design, Tutorials : Comments

Back and Next

It's not often I write a web development tutorial, but I came up with this today for styling pagination, and I thought I might share. It uses:

  • inline-block
  • a splash of negative margins
  • a sprinkling of negative word-spacing (although kind of optional, as I'll explain)
  • and a couple of IE only rules

I'm sure it's already been done before by someone, but I thought I'd share anyhow.

Let me know your thoughts, and if you find any issues and such ...



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