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Single CSS Testing Prefix? : Dec 29 2009

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One fits all :)

Is anyone else a bit slightly miffed at having to add all the different prefix variations for advanced CSS3 declarations yo?

Surely all these cool new browsers that are all for progress and sharing and open standards and the like could get together and say (something like):

"Hey FireFox. It's Safari here. How was your Christmas? You get that sheep you wanted? Anyway. Just to let you know, we've decided that we're going to start all our advanced CSS3 test declarations with -beta- and we thought it would be a good idea for all of us to do the same. You know, to keep developers' CSS manageable and save a few kilobytes hither and thither. Oh, and can you pass on the info to Opera and the others too? Thanks. Bye!"

Image semi-conscious : Dec 14 2009

Web Design, Tutorials : Comments


A post in which I discuss a widely used "background-image instead of text" technique, given a little tweaking, to work when CSS and/or images are disabled.

Note: If you wish to skip my (possibly unnecessary and yawn-inducing) pre-amble and get straight to my "background-image instead of text" technique, skip to "A solution for now" :)

In GAWDS we trust : Oct 24 2009

Web Design : Comments

Oh, God!

I am proud to announce that I am now a member of The Guild of Accessible Web Designers (GAWDS):

"The Guild of Accessible Web Designers (GAWDS) is a worldwide association of professional organisations, web designers and developers working together to promote the use and preservation of accessible design standards.

Promoting a vision of the future that assumes accessible web design to be, relevant, obtainable, and not at odds with successful business practice or good visual and usable design."

This article outlines the steps I had to take to become a member, and also some useful tips in terms of web development and accessibility. WIN.

Mobile web browser information : Sep 09 2009

Web Design : Comments

Telecommunication on the move

I am currently looking into mobile web browsers for an upcoming project where I'm designing and developing a web app for mobile access.

Although I know the basics about designing for mobile, things change fast online (as we all know), especially when considering the dramatic rise in iPhone use amongst those wobbly pink things I've seen flinging themselves about outside (people).

This article looks at the current statistics of mobile web browsers and the layout engines that power them, and, therefore, the repercussions these have on the decisions for designing and developing for mobile web browsers.

You're intrigued aren't you? Go on. Read the words ...

Lick my subtle enhancements : Jul 21 2009

Web Design : Comments


So, Firefox 3.5 is here with a whole host of CSS3 goodness, ripe and ready to be unleashed into the eyes of the web viewing public. If you're not using the browser yet then a) Why not? Are you crazy in the coconut? And b) get it now from the Mozilla FireFox website. It's very much of a nice-nus-indeedy-poos.

To celebrate the release of - what continues to be - a thoroughly decent browser, I have added a few CSS3 enhancements that can only be seen on FF3.5 (and other equivalently up-to-date browseroos).

"Oo. Nice. So what yer done?"

Well, I will tell thee ...



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