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Stop comparing Fireworks with Photoshop! : Jun 13 2008

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Chalk and cheese

This has been a running theme for a while amongst a few designers and developers.

I think a few designers – because they are used to the ‘one stop shop’ nature of Photoshop – think that FW is the Macromedia version of PS – an ‘either or’ situation. This is not the case …

Contingency planning on projects : Apr 20 2008

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Following on from Andy Rutlege’s excellent and common sense article : Calculating Hours – the Client Factors I thought I’d add a few of my thoughts on how to handle certain projects based on certain clients.

This comes from years of experience working with a variety of different sized companies and organisations, all of whom – as Andy discusses in his article – approach working with service providers, such as ourselves, in different ways. Firstly I would suggest you read Andy’s article before mine, he puts his points across in a such a way that I perhaps never could, not being a “writer” and all!

the WOMBATS new website : Mar 13 2008

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The Wombats

Mercy Design , and Behind Design proudly present … a guide to the new ‘the WOMBATS’ website!

The WOMBATS are an awesome pop / rock / punk / indie band from Liverpool, UK who have had all their brand, album and marketing designed by the talented guys over at, who’ve now teamed up with m’self and Behind Design to do web stuff for it and that …

Featured in Web Designer Magazine : Mar 07 2008

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Featured in Web Designer Magazine

Imagine my surprise at hearing news from Nick La that I’d been featured on a double page spread in Web Designer Magazine (Issue 141 page 76). Finished imagining? If you can’t imagine, then I would describe my surprise as: “Heh! Sweet! Yep. Good.” or something similar.

The article was written by Steve Jenkins and was titled: “Steve Jenkins finds out what techniques make tick along so very nicely”. So far so good …

This be my new design : Jan 08 2008

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Please note that it is just a dummy one-pager at the moment, so none of the links go anywhere, and on the real thing the thumbs will all be different. There is some dummy functionality in there though, so feel free to click around and try and break!

I will be doing a detailed post to go into some of my ideas / reasons / processes real soon - I must get some client work done first though ;) - otherwise I'll get told off!

Overall, from my last post, it's getting good feedback. Let me know what ye'all think guys an' gals ...



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