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Redesigning : Dec 29 2007

Web Design : Comments

Over the festive period, apart from munching mince pies and glugging ale, I’ve been working on the new visual layout for this very website. The current main site layout is actually coming up to being 3 years old which, in web age, is actually pretty old.

It’s been a tough thing to do, as I’m quite attached to the site’s quirky little ways and it’s also still getting good feedback …

Oh Eye! : Dec 22 2007

Web Design : Comments

Trading Eye

I’m very pleased and somewhat chuffed to announce that a project I have developed for the View Creative AgencyTrackside Merchandising – has been featured on Trading Eye’s Featured ShopBuilder Showcase page.

The project had a very specific visual look, based around the print marketing, which had been designed and signed-off before an e-commerce solution had been agreed by ourselves and the client. With this in mind, Trading Eye was the hands-down winner as our chosen solution, as it’s excellent support of web standards mark-up meant we could implement any design into the framework …

Does size matter? : Dec 05 2007

Web Design : Comments

Wer-ha-ha-ha! Tie a knot in it!

I’m afraid, nowadays, it does. It seems to be cropping up time and time again, with people saying to me: ‘yeah, it looks pretty good, but can it be bigger?’

Also, when I’m just looking around, I come across those that are a lot wider than before?! What’s going on? ...

Wait a minute?! What’s that sniggering I hear at the back there?? Why, I’m talking about ‘site width’ of course! You have such filthy minds! Tsk! ...

Back to the Future : Oct 25 2007

Web Design : Comments


Whilst reading my latest RSS feeds on bloglines last night, I was reminded that Future of Web Design conference is on in New York on November 7-8. The line-up, location, and venue look superb.

New York is a fantastic place, and I’ve not had the opportunity to return there since my last visit in 2001 (pre 9-11) during my University days ..

Getting Shirty : Oct 01 2007

Illustration, Whimsical Twoddle : Comments

Quack etc.

Pssst … I have got a t-shirt design on ...

If yer like it, give it a nice juicy high score and, who knows, it may even get printed! That would be cool! My design can be found at ...

But I think you may need to login / sign-up to vote – not sure. But tell all yer friends. Tell people who aren’t even your friends. Tell yer Grandma. Tell the postman. Tell everyone …

I’m planning on doing a load more designs on a kind of similar random-ish theme in the future, and I’ll be sure to shamelessly promote them in my blog posts also. Heh! It’s all good …



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