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Christmas of the Merry sort : Dec 25 2006

Whimsical Twoddle : Comments


It’s Christmas and I don’t know about you, but I’m going to celebrate in the ancient traditional Great British way:

Falling asleep in front of an old James Bond film with a some-what flimsy colourful tissue paper hat askew my nog …

DFCKR : Nov 07 2006

Illustration, Web Design : Comments


Not blogged for a while – errr … sorry about that ye’all …

Moving gaff an’ work an’ that has meant that my blog has gone a bit dusty and cob-webby in recent weeks. Sorry … months!

But I’m back once again (d for damager, power to the people etc.) wid some news ‘bout a new design resource that’s now online called ‘DFCKR – keeping track of design stuff so you don’t have to’ ...

View Creative ... : Aug 13 2006

Web Design : Comments

View Creative

I’ve been working as a freelancer now for fookin’ ages. As well as illustrating and designing ‘tings’ for print, I would actually say that my main area is web design – in terms of work load etc.

But if you look at my web design portfolio you might well say: “Mate … there’s bloody bugger-all there, my man! What’s all that about?”

Funny Fun Fun ... : Aug 13 2006

Whimsical Twoddle : Comments


I read these analogies / metaphors on some site or whatever the other day whilst stumbling around on the web.

They are actual examples from pupils’ English Exam papers.

They made me laugh out loud like a man making an involuntary sound emanating from just below his nose. There were loads. These were / are my absolute ‘faves’ ...

Stumbling along ... : Aug 05 2006

Whimsical Twoddle : Comments


I kinda spend my life stumbling along in a semi-purposeful manner, and I now browse the web the same way using Stumble Upon.

You input the things you are into, and the categories you like, when you set up your free account. It then works similar to the ‘I feel lucky’ button on a google search, but with the results based on the categories you have set up in your personal preferences, and the sites that come up are those that are popular amongst other stumble upon users as well – it’s genius, especially with what I do.



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