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Mandatory URL Fields & Meadows : Dec 13 2005

Web Design, Whimsical Twoddle : Comments


I think that all URL fields on web design awards / review sites should be made mandatory. Too many people are making anonymous negative comments that are nonconstructive …

It’s like running into a room full of strangers wearing a balaclava and shouting: “You’ve all got rubbish faces!” and then running out.

Illustrators? Wacom! ... : Nov 08 2005

Illustration : Comments

Wacom tablet thingy

This here blog of mine has been up and running (well, jogging) for about 4 months (since July 05) and I’ve yet to post anything about Illustration! What’s that about?! ...

Illustration is my main joy. Don’t get me wrong – design (web and graphic) and animation ‘float my boat’ big time, in fact my career and most of my (humble) ‘success’ and expertise are in the web and design side of things …

CSS Reboot (well, sort of) : Nov 01 2005

Web Design : Comments


Yes, I know there are pages missing. Yes, I know ‘things still need done’. But I desperately wanted my new re-design uploaded in time for the cssreboot launch …

When the site is completely ‘content full’ (which I’ll have to get stuck into quick, now the site is live!), I will be posting a comprehensive explanation of the site. This will include both a text and pictorial guide to the site design and how I generated some of the graphics, and also my general thoughts and reasoning behind the design etc.

The Delta Fiasco : Oct 27 2005

Music, Whimsical Twoddle : Comments

The Delta Fiasco

The Delta Fiasco are an awesome band! (That’s official by the way) ...

“Who? What? Why? How?” – I hear you ask. Right:

The Delta Fiasco are Nath Walczak and Nick Bentley. “Why are they ‘officially’ awesome?” Well, because I have seen them twice, and the second time I saw them I was singing along to their first track. “But that makes them catchy then, doesn’t it? And therefore, not good” – No. They are bloody great. There is no ‘catch’ or ‘catchyness’ about it. Let me explain …

Mercy, Levi's, Evol and other : Oct 14 2005

Illustration, Whimsical Twoddle : Comments

Mercy, mercy me

Hey! Hey! Got a call of my buddy Joe at Mercy today to inform me that one of my illustrations for the Mercy Magazine has been published on the Levi’s web site (once on the site: click the ‘antidote’ link, and then the top right link)! Chuffties to say the least!

“Who / what the f’ are Mercy?!”, I hear you exclaim in a rather aggressive ‘yet with mild intrigue’ kinda way …



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