Freelance Web Design 1 of 3 / The Wombats website

The website displayed on a modern tablet device

Freelance Web Design 2 of 3 / The Wombats website

A close–up showing more detail of the design

Freelance Web Design 3 of 3 / The Wombats website

The design as viewed on a laptop, showing various details of the design


A collaborative project between Liverpool based design agency and art collective: Mercy, and myself.

Mercy produced the artwork and also came up with the initial web layout concept.

PHP programming on this project provided by BehindDesign.

  • Full-stack freelance web development

  • Site planning, consultancy, strategy & architectural decisions
  • Creative visual web design & development
  • Hand–coded, semantically correct, search engine–friendly HTML, CSS & JavaScript coding
  • On–page SEO elements

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But before you do, you may wish to read this article from my blog: ‘What I need to spin a good web’ – it may help you provide me with the information required to deal with your enquiry effectively.

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@markboulton The older I get, the more I have a deep primal yearning for these kind of activities.

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